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About Us


Rick Paul


“I have always enjoyed working with metal, especially with regards to building machinery and other pieces of mechanical equipment.”

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering due to my passion for metal, which helped me to understand the importance of the metal finishing industry. As a result, I began my venture into setting up my own business, wetblasting.com.

I have been in the surface preparation industry for over 30 years. During this time, I have used a variety of dry and wet blasting machines and also designed some bespoke machines for some special applications. Having being asked to supply machines, I decided to embark a good quality machine that is affordable in the market place to a wide audience, of good quality and high reliability, suitable for most environments.

After lots of trial and error, I discovered Vixen Surface Treatments, a market-leading surface preparation company based in the UK. Vixen’s success is based on the quality of the machines, the ease of installation, the reputation for reliability and the great dollar value which sets Vixen aside from the rest.

After discovering Vixen, I now distribute nationwide their comprehensive range of wet and dry blasting cabinets, including the highly renowned Aquablast vapor blasting cabinet.

My company offers customers a large range of solutions to a variety of industries including; aerospace, automotive, chemical, defense, metal, electronics, glass, medical and semiconductor.

Wetblasting.com provides the customer with the best experience throughout their project by:

  • Determining the finish and best abrasive required for your application
  • Helping the customer decide whether the application requires a standard or a custom built machine
  • Designing special fixtures or masking if required
  • Providing all customer with an excellent source for blast media

Here at wetblasting.com we can answer any questions related to machinery, media or your blasting projects… just ask Rick!