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What is Wetblasting

Wetblasting provides a finish that leaves your products looking brand new from the factory. 

Wet Blasting is an industrial process in which pressurized wet slurry is applied to a surface for various cleaning or finishing effects.  The metal finishing process that involves the use of compressed air to project a combination of abrasive media and liquid onto the surface of a substrate. Wet blasting has been used since the 1950s for applications such as degreasing, die and mold cleaning, paint removal, and surface preparation prior to painting and edgebreaking.


Undeniable Benefits

Extremely fine media can be used.

Media impregnation into substrate is not possible.

Deeply cleans irregular surfaces.

Eliminates the need for hand-sanding.

Eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals.

Reduces dust.

Closed cabinet recycles media/slurry.

No heat warping with thin parts.


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Delivering results that leave your machine parts looking like they just arrived from the factory